ARPS is a qualification from the Royal Photographic Society that requires a body of work/project of a high standard and a written Statement of Intent. Strong technical ability using techniques and photographic practices appropriate to the subject.
My application will be in the Contemporary category, based on the Statement of Intent (further down this page) and images of athletes from Eastbourne Rovers Athletics Club that will be shot in a series of photoshoots.
Photoshoot 1
Head and shoulder portrait using coloured gel lighting for a dramatic, contemporary effect. Possibly in a montage as well as individual headshots.
Photoshoot 2
Action shot on the track or inside a hall, using a combination of lighting, smoke or flour for dramatic effect.
Photoshoot 3
Black & White headshot that will be used as a two-thirds rule composition beside a principle or statement that the athletes/coaches will be asked to collaborate on.
In my youth I spent several nights a week training in athletics and swimming.  I grew up in Africa where swimming and running were daily activities that were not additional activities to my day but were intrinsically part of my existence.
I took for granted the opportunities that were possible and did not have the mentoring around me to encourage or nurture the talents I now realise I had.  In hindsight I regret not focusing more time on my athletic abilities but without the benefit of hindsight I did not realise what I had, both in terms of ability but more importantly time: time to develop elite-level fitness before the body is beyond its prime.
In my late teens and twenties I became distracted by other pursuits and career opportunities and sadly abandoned all my physical training.  It was only later in life I discovered a quote by Socrates which really hit home:
"What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."
It kick-started a personal journey back to training several nights a week and, rather than living with the regret of missed opportunities in my youth, I see Socrate's quote as a present-continuous principle by which to live a physically capable and active life
The images represented here are a testament to the athletes, their dedication and focus in the pursuit of physical excellence.  It is also a testament to the parents and coaches who have the experience and foresight to nurture the athlete's physical talents. They will indeed grow old knowing the beauty and strength of which the body is capable.
- Agreement from Rovers AC (Mike, Sue, Dan).
- Agreement from parents and athletes.
- Application to RPS for April 2021 submission.
- Organise shoot locations, times, etc.